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Last week and this week I have been ridiculously busy from home issues in the first week and stuff at my work has tripled recently and on top of that even more work because this lazy asshole of a manager convinced my dad(another manager that's far better)'s boss that he's like a machine and can handle his area in addition to the four areas he's already doing so we, me, my dad, my older brother, and my younger sister, are doing the majority of the work in the entire building. I've been really stressed out from this because there's stuff I wanna do like my art and stuff, but I'm at work nearly 20 hours of the day so I'm too tired to do anything and sleep through all of my free time, then it's back to work for me...=_=

As of now, I probably won't be online for another week because next week, we have a Thanksgiving set of work as well. UUGGHH! I'll most likely be off until further notice. Sorry guys. I just can't do much about it. I feel that if this doesn't get much better after the holidays, I'll have to stop doing any hobby I have due to time constraints, that includes going on here. If that happens, then I'll really have nothing to live for that truly makes me happy....

Until next time, I hope I can get this settled out and I'll see ya later,

UPDATE: It would seem that I still get Sundays off, so at least there's one day of the week I could lay back and relax or try to do some art, unless my mom comes over, then I'll have about half the day at most.
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There's not much to say about me to be honest. Nothing too special. Just the slightly-lower-than-average guy just hanging around. I don't say too much either so I can't really help you on that.

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