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So it's been a while since I last really said much on here so first things first: Hello guys and gals. How are you all doing as of late? I'm alright, same as usual.

Remember that last journal where I stated I would change my name to IllusionalDelusional? Well I'm still gonna change my name, just not to that. Since that time, I actually came up with a better and shorter name, plus it has real meaning behind it: Illunovice The Illu part has two meanings: 1: it's the first part of the word illustration, which works perfectly for deviantart since that's pretty much what I do on here and 2: it's also the first part of the word illusion, which allows me to keep the same meaning as my current name and is also the name of my ponysona/oc. The novice part means that while I'm not the best at most things, I'm certainly not the worst. Not that good, but good enough for me. So with all that said and explained, I hope you guys and gals support my decision.

Next thing is art. I drew a quick something yesterday so I will be coloring, and hopefully, posting it today so look forward to that. Speaking of which I hope to get some more art posted throughout the summer for you guys to see. I also have a second account on this site, but I will explain more about it in a future post. For now I'd rather not say.

I'm also gonna have some days, maybe once a month or two where I will be clearing out my deviations and inactive watchers. Maybe starting today while I'm at it so please be aware.

One last thing I'd like to mention is I may have talked about having a youtube channel. Well I've been very inactive on there, but I am starting a new channel due to the realization that I probably shouldn't have started when I already had 15 subscribers who most likely wouldn't want to watch Minecraft gameplays. |< Anyway that's pretty much what it's mainly gonna be, but I'm still debating on whether or not to get recording software for my 3DS. I might since that new smash bros is right around the corner and the Ruby and Sapphire remakes in November.:iconsmashbrosplz: :icongroudonplz::iconkyogreplz: Maybe even a playthrough of X?

So that's pretty much all I wanted to cover for now. Hope to hear from you guys and gals.=)
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United States
There's not much to say about me to be honest. Nothing too special. Just the slightly-lower-than-average guy just hanging around. I don't say too much either so I can't really help you on that.

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