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I know I don't post often, what with the whole art block and my laziness and such, but recently I've been planning to get back into the whole youtube thing. The last couple times I tried it I only played Minecraft. It did alright somewhat, not a lot of likes and even less comments, by which most of them were just people advertising their own channels.

A couple weeks ago I put set all my videos as unlisted because I want to try again with a fresh start again. I currently have 42 subscribers and as much as I appreciate that, I really wish there was an option to remove people from your subscribers list, like how there's one here on this site. I know it's weird, but with youtube's subscriber burn thing most of my subscribers wouldn't even know if I was uploading videos again because they most likely won't be seeing them in their feed. Not to mention I'm still getting a subscriber every now and then despite the lack of activity and I can't stand it. I'd rather have people who will be watching my videos than people randomly subbing to me for no reason.

So as of now, I'm not quite set up to start uploading videos, at least not without thumbnails(I know this is not necessary, but I want my channel to look as nice as I can make it look). Also I have an idea to make my channel a little more unique so it's more recognizable or whatever, but I'm gonna keep that confidential for the time being.

I'm planning for my channel to be a mix of gameplay videos and animations(2D and Garry's Mod), mostly let's plays though. I'm gonna start with let's plays since they're a bit easier and less time consuming to work on and once my art gets better I'll start working on animations. I'd like some suggestions on which one I should try first.

I don't have an expansive collection of games, but I've got a few PC, DS, and 3DS games I wanna record.

Team Fortress 2
Garry's Mod?
Minecraft(technically it goes under it's own category since there's so many things within it)

Pokemon main series titles(Platinum, Soulsilver, and White)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon(Blue Rescue Team, Explorers of Darkness as well as Sky)
Mario and Luigi Titles(though I'm not sure if I can find my Partners in Time game)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon GtI
Pokemon main series titles(X and Alpha Sapphire)
Super Smash Bros. 4

So yeah not much on here and I'm not in the position to buy new games.
I'll try to draw and post more often. I've just been and still am in this art slump of mine.
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There's not much to say about me to be honest. Nothing too special. Just the slightly-lower-than-average guy just hanging around. I don't say too much either so I can't really help you on that.

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